OPEN DOOR REP's mission is to make theatre more accessible financially and demographically to the Central Iowa community by adapting principles of minimalism as both an aesthetic choice and a story-telling technique. By stripping down the technical elements of productions and working with found spaces, we aim to:

: Immerse the audience in intimate spaces

: Elevate the story in unique environments

: Enhance the overall audience experience

By telling compelling stories that impact audiences, fostering true collaboration among artists across mediums, contributing to the flourishing artistic community at-large and celebrating the wealth of unique spaces found just around the corner, we feel OPEN DOOR REP is ready to make its entrance in Central Iowa.



OPEN DOOR REP - our CORE company.

Compelling shows in Unique spaces with incredible talent. The reason we exist.

DOOR to DOOR - our Reading Series.

Quarterly readings of scripts we love at the beautiful YELLOW DOOR GALLERY

STUDIO SERIES - our Open Door for others.

The platform & support for local theater artists to produce a show they love.



It's a funny story, really. Sometimes we spend Thanksgiving together as couples, to escape the often suffocating social norms of the Holidays, but mostly to over-indulge, gossip and occasionally throw sharp knives at a garage after a few drinks...

...and in 2016, we also started a theatre company. 

Josh & April Visnapuu


Studio Manager at Iowa Reclaimed

Freelance Designer and Advice-Giver

Marketing Guru





Sales & Finance Manager

Professional Dog Collector

Artistic Director

davenports 1.jpg

Renee & Micheal Davenport



Administration at Des Moines Symphony

Show Choir Director



Theatre Teacher molding young minds

Nixon/Sinatra Lover