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OPEN DOOR REP is holding open auditions for


by Zachary Burton & Elisa Hofmeister

Directed by Susan Irish

Auditions will be conducted in 10 minute increments by appointment.

Please register for a time here

• If there are issues, please contact

• Audition form, sides and location will be sent via email to those who sign up, beginning 9/26

• You may be asked to perform a cold reading from the script as well

• Resumes and headshots are not required but are welcome. Please bring the audition form along with your list of all conflicts to the audition time.


SUNDAY 10/6 - 1PM - First read through/cast meeting


Friday, 11/15 @ 8PM

Saturday, 11/16 @ 8PM

Sunday, 11/17 @ 2PM


A note from the Artistic Director

The Manic Monologues is a brand new work, developed at Stanford University, and Open Door Rep has secured the rights to the second ever performance. In the vein of The Vagina Monologues, this script takes on the stigma and taboo of mental illness, telling real stories that will challenge the audience’s assumptions on what it means to live with mental illness in today’s society.

We have a truly open audition for this – there are no presumptions in casting and welcome all ages, races, genders and sexual orientations. You will not see character descriptions/actor “types” needed on this notice: mental illness is non-discriminatory in its affliction, and we hope to be able to reflect that in the casting as best we can. It is also important to note that while we very much believe in sharing any financial benefit with our casts and crews, all profits from this show will be donated to NAMI of Greater Des Moines (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

We hope you can help us tell the story and push the conversation on this crisis forward.
— Josh Visnapuu